Not Just One… FOUR!!!

What a wasted day. I went to the dentist, both hyped and nervous, and when I mentioned my other wisdom tooth giving me problems, he took an x-ray and advised me to get surgery to get all four out. Well… that totally sucked. Wasted $50 for an x-ray and now I have to end up paying more money to get rid of these dumb wisdom teeth. Why are they called wisdom teeth if they have to be removed anyway? Why not call them useless teeth? Hmm…

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  1. Not everyone’s wisdom teeth have to come out. Mine don’t, not any of the four… However, they may be what’s causing my teeth to shift slightly now. I need to see the dentist too. When I have money. Wheem.

  2. Well, according to my dentist, it’s true. Not everybody needs to remove their wisdom teeth. However, my teeth grew out in such a way that the gum is blocking the wisdoms very well, so I can’t get in there to brush. Hence, they’re all rotted from all the plaque. Damn, eh?

  3. totoromedley says

    Ee~ That sounds bad… but I still remember when I still had mine… >.> I kept wiggling my tongue to feel it. It was a strange sensation. ^^;; After that, my dentist made me use a mouthwash to disinfect it… ^^;; such gross stories.

  4. I remember those times… I was so stubborn, and I thought to myself, “So it hurts. So my gums hurt from being scraped with new sharp teeth. I can live through it.” I did, but it was sooooooooo painful. Now, after all that pain I lived through, I still have to remove them in the end. If I had gone through it with it before, I would have been better off. Oh, well.

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