Novel Thing

I decided to take the van to move my desk from my old place. It’s so ridiculous how I haven’t moved my crap out of that place when I haven’t lived there for ages. I guess it’s because I really dislike moving.

So, I got the desk downstairs and just when I was going to load it into the van, the backing board broke off. So, I grabbed a hammer and reaffixed the nails. When I got back home, I accidentally did even more damage to the darned thing. In the end, instead of saving money, I went to the Do-It Center (a bad name for a business if I ever heard one) and had to pay $70 for the parts to build a new, sturdier desk. It was something I should’ve done in the first place, rather than buy a cheap $30 Wal-Mart desk. I mean, it’s fine for small bookshelves (I have 8 of those ^_^), but not heavy stuff like computers.

I think I’ve got this new Tungsten E figured out now. I stayed up late last night just figuring out how to transfer MP3’s through RealOne Player. I guess I can say that I know RealOne a bit more now. I transferred all my favorite Lain songs over, and now I can do Lain-ish stuff on my handheld! Hehehehe.

Several large SD cards later, and I can start watching anime on my Palm. ^_^

Oh yeah. I’m going to try writing a novel. I want to do romance – something nice and not graphic like some OTHER ones out there. A shoujo novel, if I can call it that. Well, I can write it on my Palm, a page a day. If I can do this, I should have it done in a year, tops, not counting for times when I can do 2 a day when inspired. I dunno… I feel like writing again. It’s been a while, though. I hope I still can.

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