These obstacles keep getting in my way of moving. It won’t stop me, but it’ll make things damn difficult. First of all, my teeth. Of all the times for my teeth to start acting up, it has to be now. Instead of getting root canal done, I get a filling. Hopefully, I won’t have to worry about getting it done, since the filling seems to have stopped my toothaches at night. Mind you, it’s extremely sensitive to cold, but the dentist says this is normal. I went for a cleaning yesterday – there goes another $80. Apparently, I have to get some fillings repaired. WTF??? Where the hell did THAT come from?? I don’t want to go back there! I’ve spent enough money on there already! I’m not even insured for this crap!

There’s also the little problem of the $900 I owe my dad for paying off the damn money I owed the government this tax time. What a load of bull. Government is bullshit. We’ve tried kingdoms, democracies, dynasties, and everything else you can shake a stick at, and has any of them worked? Hells, no! The problems with these systems do not lie in the rules, they lie in the corrupt people who run it (or people who eventually become corrupt)! Maybe machines SHOULD take over the world…

Anyway, back on topic, what else is there? Oh yeah, domain renewals for my websites. It may only be $40, but that’s a lot of money that could be saved for those little emergencies.

All in all, it’s been ridiculous. I’m still not gonna stop, though. I talked to John about doing some Aurora computer repair work on the side for him. Mind you, I don’t know exactly how much work that would actually entail, since he gets just enough to keep him slightly past overloaded, but anything’s better than nothing, I suppose.

One good thing has kinda happened. HFC has been calling me these past couple days to help me consolidate the leftover loans, and at a longer period of time so as to lower my minimum monthly payments. Mind you, it’s actually more business for them, because I’m sure that they would have to gain something from this, but if it works out, it won’t be so bad down in the city – I won’t have to neglect my loans. Speaking of loans, I’m thinking about switching over to a different bank when I’m down there – see if I can do the same kind of loan deal that HFC is giving me, but at a longer term which equals lower payments for me. It sounds like a good plan.

In other news: Dennis started delivering at the restaurant. Sunday has become somewhat of a fixed gaming day for Goble, Dennis, and I. iRO just celebrated its birthday two days ago, so I logged in and got party hats and cake for all my characters. Neato, eh?

I’m slowly getting back into writing. Just doing some editing for my series, Tawasei A (Tawainai Seimei A) – picked up some more Japanese cultural nuances that need to be incorporated into my series. I’ve gotten most of it so far – now I gotta separate the rest of the episodes from the big collection file. Then – fresh writing time!

Anyway, that’s all that’s new with me. Gotta get ready for work.

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