Oh, well.

You know about that friend zone? Yeah, I’m stuck in it for life. Do I rub off on people as un-date-able (if that’s even a word)? I guess I’m kinda nice and romantic, but maybe I’m too g33ky and awkward in real life. Hahahaha.

Yeah, back on topic now. Tonight, I went to see Kim and she told me that she just wanted to be friends, and that she started going out with somebody else a couple days ago. Umm… okay.

I felt a bit depressed, but I’m okay now. I just bought a new cordless phone with all the bells and whistles. After I got home from work, James-see and I discussed about some of the things we need to trick the weak-ass pad out – another recliner, window blinds, kitchen island with bar stools, wine rack, etc. Bachelor’s pad, indeed!

So… I guess I’m back to being available now. I think that I blew my chance with Vania… I’m REALLY in the friend zone with her, so I guess I’m not looking for anybody now. Well, you know what that means – more time to work on my website redesign and Japanese! Man, I haven’t studied Japanese for over a week! That’s really slacking off.

Okay, I’m all set to go! Things are still looking up, even though I’m sans girlfriend. I just finished my pay period at RS with over $11,000 in sales. I’m gonna be holding a fat paycheck this week. Word.

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