Ohayo Atarashii Manga!

I just finished drawing and scanning the character designs today, so I posted them right away. You should see them below.

I’m busy working on ideas for the manga. I STILL need a name for it … ^_^ Anyway, I’m excited at starting a project like this. It’s going to take up a lot of my free time, I’ll bet, but the prospect of finally improving my art skills is too good of a chance to pass up, especially with something like this. I’m still not sure about what kind of schedule I want to keep yet, but I want to give myself enough time to draw decent panels. Just those four character sketches I did took me three days (well, with work and other distractions in between). I can’t even begin to imagine what drawing entire pages of manga will consume. Currently, I’m trying to reschedule my time so that I wake up early instead of staying up late. I work better at night, but mornings offers me more time (and less chance to fall asleep at the drawing board). It’ll be like going to school. Almost. I’ll actually be doing stuff I WANT to do. Well, at least my Japanese is paying off. I’m able to read most of my import manga now, since they use furigana. How nice! It’s too bad I don’t understand what I’m reading yet … -_-

I’m contemplating about writing out the storyline for the new manga first or to just go with the flow. I find that I get bored with stuff when it’s already written out. I suck that way. However, I won’t have enough of a cohesive storyline if I don’t write it out first. Dammit, I have to get over this weakness of not finishing what I start. I really want to get this project finished. Unlike KareKano. -_- Okay, that was a cheap shot. Gomen, GAINAX.

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