Okazaki Ritsuko (1959-2004)

May she rest in peace
Okazaki Ritsuko (1959-2004)
Okazaki Ritsuko

Singer-composer Okazaki Ritsuko died on May 5th from sepsis shock, which results from a bloodstream infection. She was only 44 years old. Ms. Okazaki was responsible for writing theme songs for many anime shows including “Love Hina,” “Fruits Basket,” and “UFO Princess Walkure,” as well as songs for such famed voice actresses as Hayashibara Megumi, Horie Yui, and Inoue Kikuko. The “Fruits Basket” theme is considered among the best anime songs ever written. As a performer, she formed the band Melocure with Hinata Megumi. Together, they did the main theme song for “Stratos 4.”

In addition to writing and performing great songs, she wrote lyrics, and arranged her own songs as well. For Horie Yui’s album, “Rakuen,” she wrote four tracks: “Clover”, “A Girl in Love”, “Kokoro Harete Yoru Mo Harete”, and “Egao No Rensa.” In “Symphonic Rain Vocal Album – Rainbow,” voice actresses Kasahara Hiroko, Nakahara Mai, Asano Masumi, and Orikasa Fumiko performed vocals on songs penned (both music and lyrics) by Okazaki. Her new album was slated for June 23 release. At this time, its release has been postponed with no new release date given. It was to include her own interpretation of “Rainbow,” and two additional new songs. Hopefully, the album will be completed by her production crew and be released sometime in the near future so that her literal swan song could be heard by all those who had admired her talent.
Quoted from Neowing.

Dammit, this sucks. I really loved her voice – it was kawaii… she was an amazing songstress, and she will be missed dearly by all her fans.

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  1. totoromelody says

    ;__; I would love to hear her new album… hope they decide to release it around that time still. Aw~~ *am still sad*

  2. Yes, it’s so tragic. Last year was a bad enough time for Chinese music… losing three major artists all at once. I hope it’s not Japan’s turn this year… ;_;

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