This week, I found myself a new hobby – that Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG that all the kids are going crazy over. My 13-year-old baby brother, Esmond, traded some cards with his friends and begged me to get him some booster packs and a starter deck or something because he didn’t have the money right now and they usually go out of stock right away. Since he’s soooooooo cute (even though he’s 13, in high school, and taller than me), I broke down and bought a Yugi starter deck and two Metal Raiders booster packs. I used to play Magic: The Gathering in my high school days, but I put that part of my life behind me a long time ago. Anyway, to find out what my money bought my brother, I asked him to show me how to play the game. So, he gave me a rundown of the game’s play mechanics, and he lent me his deck of traded cards while he used his Yugi deck and new cards. We played a game, and although I found it similar to Magic, it most definitely stood out on its own. I eventually won the first game we played, and he decided to give me the deck. On Wednesday, I bought two booster packs of my own. On Friday morning, before work started, Wal-Mart got more starter decks in stock, so I picked myself up Yugi and Kaiba decks, and a Kaiba deck for Esmond. Tonight, we played about two games after I finally customized a deck for myself – I won one and the other game was left unfinished. I’ve even checked on eBay for booster boxes of Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, the first edition. Dammit, here’s another hobby that I need to throw money at! Hahahaha.

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