Onegai Review

I finally finished Onegai Twins yesterday afternoon. Just like the original, it was touching, but humorous. However, this one lacked the delivering blow that made Teacher an awesome series. Teacher had you in tears by the end, it was so touching. However, Twins was lighthearted, like one of those dramas that leave you content at the end – it could have been better, but it was still good. I guess that because Twins is the “sequel” to Teacher (and I say sequel loosely because the only continuation is that it takes place in the same town and the same characters are there, but they are not integral to the main storyline), you were expecting some kind of bizarre alien-type thing. Alas, it was not what I expected – it turned out to be quite a normal story, other than the fact that Marie is still floating around, eating as much “Prech” and “Pochy” as possible. So, all in all, if you haven’t watched Twins yet, don’t go into it expecting a true sequel of Teacher, because it’s not. However, go into it expecting new things – heavy character development, drama, romance, slapstick humor, and – of course – fanservice aplenty.

Average – 9.3
Animation – 10
Sound – 9
Story – 9
Character – 10
Value – 9
Enjoyment – 9

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