Ordering Some Crazy.

I’ve gone on a crazy online shopping spree. The funny thing is, I’m getting pretty good with budgeting in spite of it. How, you ask? You’ll have to check back later when I have time to update the rest!


Why am I doing these weird updates like this? Work is busy, and when I want to remember to put in an entry for my blog, I always forget to do it later on. So, I put in a blog placeholder with a short description of what I want to write about, and then I write about it later on during the day (or week, or month, etc.).

ANYWAY… yesterday, Esmond passed me some cash and asked me to order him a few things. One was a copy of World of WarCraft. I believe I’ll be playing this game again if Esmond gets in on the action. My only real gripe with the game is having nobody to play with. This problem will be solved if Esmond starts playing. He also asked me to order him some of Ninj4 apparel from Megagear. So, I tried to find the cheapest place to order WoW for him. Amazon, it was. While I was there, I decided to order some stuff in for myself, since I didn’t exactly get what I wanted in Winnipeg two weeks ago. After I placed that order, I had to make a pre-order for Nakashima Mika’s newest CD. I also wanted to pick up the limited editions of SweetS’ CDs from Yesasia, since they were no longer available in Neowing. To top it all off, this morning, Neowing announced that Kuribayashi Minami is reissuing a single with a bunch of extra features. Snag. So, here are my purchases as follows.


  • PEACH GIRL Authentic Double-Boxed Set (Complete Manga)
  • The Village (Original Score)


  • Nakashima Mika – MUSIC (Pre-Order)
  • Kuribayashi Minami – Shining Days (Re-product/Remix/PV CD+DVD)


  • SweetS – Keep on movin’ (CD+DVD Limited Edition)
  • SweetS – Grow into shinin’ stars/Never ending story/Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu (CD)
  • SweetS – countdown/our song – Wakare No Uta (CD+DVD)
  • SweetS – SweetS (CD+DVD+Booklet+Sticker+Poster Limited Edition)
  • Japan Mini – SUPER ROBOT HEROINES (FREE Yesasia Bonus Toy)

So… how am I still keeping within budget after spending a quarter of my monthly income? Easy. All the money I use for buying goodies is always coming from extra income from fixing computers or doing deliveries for the restaurant, which is then deposited into my Visa (which had a negative balance before these purchases, might I add). In doing this, I avoid getting taxed since it’s all cash, I meet my Visa minimum monthly payment, and my credit skyrockets because I’m making Visa happy by buying stuff on their card. It makes everybody happy, and I don’t touch my regular income, which goes straight to bills. Pretty ingenious, eh? Everybody should have some kind of side-income job that pays straight cash. Just nothing illegal, though. ^_^

Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi – INSPIRE

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