Osaka – Jedi Knight

Osaka is still on my desktop. Right now, I have 97% complete and 10,548,280 yen.

I burned my first DVD today. I downloaded a bunch of anime at work, so to burn it all off, I bought a DVD-RW, since the system has a DVD+- writer.

Yes, I haven’t been posting lately. Yes, I’ve been busy. I’ve even been fixing computers! I got a loan and my annual RRSP loan, and I’m behind in other payments. Seems as though consolidating all my debt last week didn’t change anything. I still have tons of bills to pay, and no money to pay it with, because everybody wants their money all at once. Damn mofos.

I pre-ordered some J-Pop CDs, mixed with some old CDs I never got around to buying. So that I didn’t overwhelm myself, I ordered in moderation – one for the end of March, and one for the end of April. I also found out that I earned some depot dollars from DV-Depot, so I get to pick a DVD for free.

Kill me, I hate fixing computers, but I need the money (especially to fund my monthly J-Pop expenses ^_^). I’ve been thinking about doing the whole encoding thing for J-Pop and Anime CDs, in addition to my whole idea of a database. Might as well, always nice to contribute to the community. But, where to store it?? IRC is good and all, but… torrents would be more convenient for people. Maybe I’ll just contribute to an existing group or something. Yeah.

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