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Aikawa Yuzuki

Just to throw a wrench into my own words, know that I’m a man of ambiguous opinions.

Even though I said that natives don’t deserve reparations and that Canada sucks, from another point of view, this is what separates Canada from the rest of the world. Canada is one of the only countries in the world with an army that hasn’t started a war. At the same time, Canada avows to be a different country while maintaining freedom rights. This is shown by how they choose not to be like other nations by giving money to natives for their past crimes.

Of course, the reason why the Chinese were never given reparations is quite simple – the Chinese were getting paid to blow themselves up to pieces. Besides, Chinese aren’t built for manual labor, and they’re only good for cooking, and making products that only gets sold in Canada. In fact, this blog was Made in China. Hahaha, just kidding. At least the Chinese own Vancouver and Toronto. :P

Canada can be viewed as the friendly country. Most of its inhabitants are 10 times friendlier than their American counterparts. However, we’re also quite ready to defend ourselves, if need be. Our prime minister punched someone in the face for giving him lip! How’s that for defense?!

All awesome hockey players are from Canada. America doesn’t take the sport seriously, otherwise, there would be no such team as the Mighty Ducks. Or a governor named Schwarzenegger. Or a president named Bush. Or a state called New Mexico. The list goes on and on.

I’m not Canadian, but I live here, and while I’m here, I shouldn’t be trying to get the whole country mad at me. At least, not until I get outta here.

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Hara Fumina

Thanks for reading this crap.

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