Overdue vacation.

So I finally got a hold of James H that night. He got home at 23:00 because he pulled a shift at his new job at the school board. Nice. Anyway, we’re doing a road trip and going to the city next weekend! He’s already talking crazy talk about going every month since he’s making so much money. I’m not too sure about that idea, though. I’d like to save some money over the course of my already shaky employment.

And now for something unrelated to Japan – Ah, the old days of NIN. According to the official site, halo nineteen is out 2005.05.03, after their live tour. I hope they come to Canada, because I would definitely get tickets to go!!

I haven’t picked up the double SACD re-release of halo eight. I don’t know if I can wait until I get to the city to pick it up. Well… if I happen to hit downtown tomorrow, and they have it in stock, we’ll see what happens.

Not much going on in life for now. Enjoying my new acrylic case, need another 200 GB hard drive so I can reinstall my OS, waiting for my hair to get long enough, and have to assemble Esmond’s temp PC. Can’t wait to hit the city, that is the most anticipated event in my life right now.

I’ll probably work on the chapter layout for Enpitsu No Yume later on today. I’ve decided to keep the name for now, at least until I get a better feel for the story. Need to assemble Esmond’s PC while backing up up some J-Media first.

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