No, I’m not a painter, but my program is! ^_^

I installed Painter 8 just for the heck of it, and it actually works with my cheapo tablet! WAI~ So, I pumped out a drawing… sort of. It’s not very good, though, but at least I finally started using my Japanese signature! Just look at those sexy strokes! Nyo~

Kodomo dessho… tabun.

The whole day was boring. Watched the first two eps of Popotan. It’s sort of a lounge around anime. I also watched the first episode of Futari H 2nd Season for the heck of it. Talk about being overly ecchi! There must have been about five H scenes in that single episode alone. Still boring. I should’ve read manga or watched other worthwhile anime instead! -_-

Ka-Ka and Perrie came over to visit, though. Got the 3rd chapter of my RadioShack homework done. Eat eat eat. I had like 4 meals today, and I skipped breakfast even! Hahaha. I wanted to play Commandos 3

Current Anime: Futari H 2nd Season – 1 [ANBU & AonE], Popotan – 1 to 2 [Triad]
Current Manga: Prince Of Tennis – 17 to 18 [MangaCity]

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  1. that’s pretty damned good. what is painter 8? is that like version 8 of mspaint?

  2. Corel Painter 8 is the newest version of Painter Classic. It used to be owned by proCreate, but that company got bought over by Corel. Anyhow, it’s an awesome program for drawing.

    And thanks for the compliment, even though I know it still sucks. ^_^

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