Palm Tungsten E

Did I mention that I bought a Palm Tungsten from work on Thursday? It was a half-impulse, half-pre-meditated purchase. I was originally going to buy the Palm Zire 71, but when I opened up the box for the Tungsten and charged it up, I knew I was going to use it more than the Zire. For one thing, I wouldn’t need the digital camera that was built in to the Zire, but I would need a very fast system. As I spent more time playing with the handheld, I discovered another thing – there was a generous amount of internal memory built in. When I got it home and installed the applications, I found out that I could get e-mail and balance my finances. Finally, Documents To Go was vastly improved, and I can even play MP3’s too!

Oh yeah, and this whole entry was made on the Tungsten too. ^_^

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