Photography page updated!

If you haven’t been to my Photography page, you should check it out, I’ve posted three photos that I took a while ago (EDIT: Just view by the Photography category in the menu). Thank the stars for backdated entries. Also, I’ve updated my FictionPress site, but it’s old news if you visit this page regularly.

So, I’m still around. Yay. Updates have been rather sporadic lately, but that’s probably due to the fact that I have lots of things to do during my free time. Yesterday, I was supposed to indulge in some JDrama with Mom, but Eugene decided to bring some of his friends over and watch movies. What an effer. So, I spent all night in my room playing WoW with Esmond. We started new characters for fun, just because we’re both waiting for Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Monks to be released. As a result, Esmond created a fire mage called Liukang and I created a warrior called Kunglao. Hahahaha. Hey, if anybody reading this plays WoW, we’re on the Firetree PvP server if you’re interested in partying up with us or even chatting.

Work is slow. Slow, slow, slow. I love it, ha-ha. I update my website, browse the Web, and do some writing on my laptop without worrying, because there’s nothing to do. Nothing at all! Well… maybe except for my cert training. Ack, I’ll get to that this afternoon… ;_;

I have to get my tooth pulled during lunch. That sucks. I’m thinking about root canal instead – however, I don’t have the money right now. I might have to discuss it further with the dentist, maybe work out a payment plan or something. We’ll see.

I’ve got some classic tunes in the car right now (no, I’m not in the car at this exact moment of writing). BT’s Emotional Technology was playing recently, and now it’s Hamasaki Ayumi’s I am…. I love this old album.

Summer’s supposedly coming… the warm weather brings back feelings of natsukashii-ness, which I love. Which brings to mind the oddity of having fresh snow on the ground this morning. What gives?

Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi – Evolution (w00t! My all-time fav!)

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