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Morishita Chisato

I decided to take somewhat of a day off today from work, since I went in on Friday, which was a stat holiday. As it turned out, two critical calls opened up while I went in to do up some paperwork and ship off my used parts. I took care of the two calls, plus I took care of a call for a client who was leaving town the next day. I also brought in the hard drive from the Dell Latitude I’m rebuilding so I could toss XP on it from another PC at the Nexi trailer. I suppose I’m giving that laptop to Esmond. I spoil that kid, honestly.

The biggest piss-off of the day was actually NOT work related. I had a smart idea to install XP on the laptop HDD from another machine. After that, I would boot into that machine locally with the laptop HDD attached as a slave and copy over the i386 folder from XP CD. It took a lot of effort because once I got XP installed (just the initial setup before it reboots and detects the devices), I went to plug the PC’s hard drive in and one of the damn pins snapped and fell inside the connector!! Wil stopped by and gave me a good idea – swap the HDD’s board and connector assembly to retrieve the data on it. Whew! Anyway, since that PC was toast at the moment, I hooked up the laptop HDD to another PC – the damn thing wouldn’t read it and the CD-ROM drive at the same time. After several tries, I finally had to grab another IDE cable to get them to read simultaneously. Once the files were copied, I got the second critical call mentioned above and took care of it, then went home. By then, it was 14:30. I had spent half the day at work. So much for a day off. The piss-off occurred when I plugged the laptop HDD back into the Latitude – it wouldn’t boot to XP setup. There went my ingenius plan. I guess it’s back to groping around with a Linux RIS and PXE boot.

At least I did some more video editing on that JGirls Idol video project I’m working on. I called it, Bijin No Sekai. I’m sure I’ll put it up for download on BT when it’s done and weeded out. Oh yeah, and my latest issue of sabra came in the mail. Yay!

Current Music: Matsuura Aya – Sougen No Hito

Ayaya is the only official member of Hello! Project that isn’t a part of MORNING Musume. Pretty useless piece of Japanese trivia there. But did you also know that this single was written by late Enka songstress, Hibari Misora? There’s some more useless piece of Japanese trivia for you! Regardless, listen to it. It’s got that Enka style to it.

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