I played DuoPrincess. Mint and Maya (from Threads Of Fate for PS) in a PC game. Fun!

So, yesterday, I went to the dentist. He found out that the tooth that was bothering me was actually a tooth just two away from the one that was hurting. I was skeptical, but he suggested a filling, so he drilled the hole, cleaned it out, put in the filling, and then charged me $210 for it. Ouch. Anyway, he prescribed me some amoxicillin for the root infection that I caught from leaving it for so long. Once that was done, I checked with Lee to see about getting my RadioShack dental coverage, so we filled out a form and had the dentist fill out his part, so it looks like I’ll be covered after all. Whew! To make matters worse, however, I have another appointment next week, but it’ll just be for a cleaning this time around. On a lighter note, there’s still some pain, but it’s not as bad as before. I can barely feel it sometimes, but when it does hurt a lot, it still doesn’t hurt as much as the last couple days. Man, they were rough. Oh, the pain that makes the tears come forth. Quite an intense experience.

I would normally say back to the game here, but I can’t. I finished the damn game. It was fun too. I’ve been proofreading and editing some old HANfict series of mine. I want to get back into writing (and finishing, hopefully) these series. One thing I have noticed, however. I was really comedic back in my high school days. I’m not too sure if I can pull it off again, since I’ve matured somewhat. My typing speed has also dwindled somewhat. I’m like a seasoned typist who just takes it easy and types with more grace than speed. Strange, isn’t it? Kinda like Satch on his guitar. Grace and fluidity in lieu of speed and more speed. ^^

Oh yeah! Part of a guild in iRO now. Fun!

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