Possible Collaboration and Evil Plan™

Well, seeing as how I’m looking for more things to do to pass the time, I had a chat with Minky-chan – a fellow otaku that lives in my town – on MSN yesterday. She was thinking about making a manga, possibly online, but she didn’t have much for a script. Seeing as how I’m sooooooo generous (^_^), I offered to give her one of my discarded scripts. She needed something that I didn’t quite have, so I decided to help make her a brand-new custom script that tailors to her needs. I already started work on it yesterday, and once I’m done, I should be starting to write up the manga panel scripts for her. The current working title for it is Perodei Neko Koukou (Parody Neko High School), and yes, it is a parody of all things shoujo/bishoujo. I’ve always wanted to work on a collaboration before. My bishoujo manga will have to wait for now, since I have no time to work on it, anyway. If I can somehow change my schedule around (stop online shopping and browsing the web altogether), I might be able to make room for it. But… stop online shopping??? Yes, believe it or not, I’m hitting those online stores in Japan everyday, looking at stuff I haven’t bought yet. When I think about it, I could be doing better things with my time, like practicing my drawing. So, here are my current plans.

(1) The collaboration. Currently my most primary minor goal. I’ve always wanted to do one, but couldn’t find a talented enough artist to help me. Minky-chan was always a possibility, and now a collaboration with her can be a reality.
(2) Nihongo. I’m still learning Japanese, but at a more random rate. One day, I’ll learn tons of it, and the next day, I’ll learn nothing. I won’t even review what I had learned before. I MUST set myself a schedule of how much I plan to learn and review each day.
(3) Anime Drawing. The untitled bishoujo online manga is put on the backburner until I can drastically improve my drawing skills. To do that, I’ll have to do lots and lots of fanart and other original works. I’ll also be working on other non-anime art like buildings, animals, scenery, etc.
(4) LiveJournal. Hells yeah, I’ll still be updating this sucker. Guaranteed, unless I’m working on the stuff listed above.
(5) HIOS.org and MugenHAN.com. My two websites, which I’m still paying money for and not using them, will be where the online manga will be placed, as well as the works of art I plan to make public. Also, my scans project will be posted there as well, and JGirlz will be worked on from time to time. I will be revising the Favorite Anime and J-Pop sections. Links to The Jar will be replaced with Valkyrie Yuuki.
(6) Mai-chan. My poor computer NEEDS a reinstall!! I have to organize all my files, back them up to CD, and then I can reinstall the OS. I haven’t done that ever since I started buying an entirely new computer part by part, starting with the hard drive and the GeForce 2 Ti, which was back in December. Ouch. I just lazily moved data from the old 15 GB to the new 60 GB. MUST do this, but a little bit at a time. Don’t wanna overshadow the other goals.
(7) Violin. I’m still planning to take lessons in that, but it’ll have to be on a weekly basis with maybe some practice time on every other day.
(8) Operation: Lain no Ruumu. It’s still possible. I just have to figure out what I want and buy it later. Assembly is the most time I’ll spend on it.
(9) Restaurant. I have until the restaurant closes to finish everything above and pay off my overdraft, my line of credit, and my credit card. Which is a ton of time. It could be four years or less. Or more. *wince*
(10) School. When the restaurant is done, it’s off to Sheridan College to get my diploma in animation and/or computer animation. Hopefully, by then, my art will be good enough to make a portfolio.
(11) Japan. I’m still moving there. Oh, yeah! It’ll just take me the length of time it takes to finish everything above. And to earn enough money to go.

So, this is my Evil Plan™. Muahahaha!

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