[PV] Shibasaki Kou – Katachi Arumono

A nice view of the outside
from the inside.

I’d like to end up marrying
a nice girl like this.

My ideal porch.

I’d like a traditional house
like this in the future.

How dare Kou-chan make a PV that appeals to me! ^_^

The song itself was a standard J-Pop ballad – right up my alley. What caught my eye the most about this video was the beautiful house they filmed in. I would love to live in a house like this and get married to a simple, country girl. But, that is far into the future, so I won’t worry about that for now. (Torrent: PMM)

Sorry for not updating as often this week. I started my new job, and I made arrangements with my brother to get my new car, a 1993 Nissan Altima GXE. It’s an exciting time in my life right now – new job with new responsibilities, new surroundings and colleagues, and a new car. Once I get back on track and my training is complete, I’ll be able to update more frequently again.

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  1. where are you working now?

  2. Sorry for not responding sooner, I’ve been busy with training and such.

    Anyway, I’m working at NexInnovations now. It’s situated in the provincial building, and I have many various contracts with the Manitoba Government, INCO, Hydro, MTS, and various HP/IBM/Dell clients. However, my main contract is with the Manitoba Government, which is the reason for my office location.

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