[PV] Suzuki Ami – Eventful

Ami-chan went from cute to HOT.

Chuu~ <3

Retirement makes idols hotter.

Euro techno is so in!

Suzuki Ami has been in retirement for almost 4 years. For a former idol to come back is almost unthinkable in Japan, yet she’s doing it. Everybody was thinking, ‘Oh, it won’t be long until she releases a nude photobook.’ (By the way, retired idols usually release nude photobooks.) Instead, she returned in late March with the single, Delightful, which describes the song perfectly. This time around, instead of her light and catchy J-Pop music accompaniment, she’s now backed by euro techno, which is a refreshing change (much like Amuro Namie and her R&B-Pop). Eventful is no different, but I find it a much catchier song than Delightful. The video is quite sexy – Ami-chan wears skin-tight, body-hugging outfits to nosebleed over. The video cuts through several scenes of her gyrating her shapely body and riding a motorbike, so I highly recommend it! (Torrent: JPOPSUKI)

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