RadioShack Inventory.

It’s that time of year!! Time for RadioShack to do inventory! Unfortunately, I seem to have gotten sucked in to helping those poor guys. Oh, well. Since I’m doing deliveries tonight, I won’t be able to go in until about 20:00 to 21:00 or so.

Last night, I visited James and Erin. Robyn was there too. I still can’t believe that she’s dating Dennis. Still… I hope it works out between them. It would be nice to see two other friends of mine build a meaningful relationship like James and Erin have.

This manga pile of mine is getting HUGE!! It’s time for me to finish ripping all my English CDs and get rid of them so I can make a manga bookshelf. Argh, at this rate, I won’t be able to use my scanner properly.

Speaking of which, I read some of Azumanga Daiou last night, and… I was not impressed. They changed some of the key points that I loved about Azumanga!! I hope they don’t butcher Yotsuba To! (but I know they will). This is what you get when ADV translates manga. ADV had better shape up and not screw up the subtitles by “Americanizing” them. WTF.

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