Virtuoso – At the end of the day, I went to Wal-Mart and picked up a 50 pack spindle of CDs. When I got back, Dennis was playing on those kid guitar/piano toys, pretending to be a rock star. I think the only rocks are the ones in Dennis’ head.

Altitudes – Lee wrote off three Air Hogs toy flyers. Dennis drove us out to the train station to show Lee where his garbage can was. At the same time, we launched two of the air hogs. The one I got was made of many pieces, so I put it aside until it can get ready. Everytime Lee threw Dennis’ flyer, it fell apart in the air. We were laughing so hard. Dennis tried to ride his Tracker up a sand wall, but only succeeded in getting us mostly vertical.

Bridge – The only flyer to survive was Dennis’. So, we drove out to the bridge and launched it from there. We thought it was a goner for sure… but it circled around and came back to us. “Nooooo… I don’t wanna die…” Dennis had said in a tiny voice. The second launch was more successful. We ran across to the other side of the bridge to see if we could spot the remains, and we did. The wings were AWOL, though.

Garbage Protection – Dropping off Lee at home spurred on a round of laughter from everybody in the Tracker. Lee, before heading inside, took his last remaining garbage can and threw it behind his fence.

Conclusion – I work with idiots. ^_^

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