Raspberry Heaven.

My new manga is so cool!!! I finished reading Otonani NUTS and Boys Be already. Still reading Hikaru No Go two chapters at a time in Shonen Jump. Esmond’s missing a few volumes, so I’ll have to order in the actual manga for sure. I sat down and learned how to play Go. I’m thinking of starting a Go club here in town. I don’t know if anybody will actually join, but it’s worth a shot. I know that Esmond and I will already be in the club. :P

I used to like anime a lot more than manga, but now that I can pace myself and read pages over again if I missed something, I find myself liking manga a lot more than anime. Sure, anime is good and all because it’s full-color video with voice, sound effects, and music, but I find that manga works much harder to convey what’s happening in each scene, you can take manga with you anywhere, and manga is just more detailed in terms of art. Since I’m attempting to be a manga-ka, the lure has never been more stronger now that I’ve seen what I’m up against.

Manga and photography… those are things I would love to end up doing as dual careers. Playing Go as a hobby… the simple life for me.

On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been thinking about that new Mac Mini system. They run on G4 processors and are tiny and affordable. I honestly don’t need a whole crapload of power. I’m not a Mac gamer or a 3D modelist. All I want is a no-nonsense system that can allow me to do my drawings and comics.

I’m doing some minor character touchups and overhauling of the plot. I didn’t like the direction that the old plotline was going.

Work is a pain. If I didn’t have to work, I’d be getting a whole lot more manga stuff done.

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