Ready to work.

Girl of the Day – Iwasa Mayuko

Isn’t she just too cute in this picture? She’s got such a pretty face.

Well, I’m ready to work. I spent my whole morning wasting away the day. I woke up at 5:30 as usual, dropped Eugene off at work, and then went home to have breakfast, since I didn’t need to be at work at any given time (it’s a stat holiday, after all). I had some toast and a nectarine while playing a bit of Diablo II. It’s been a while since I played that game, and it was nostalgic and nice to revisit that world. Come on, Blizzard, make a World of Diablo!! A World of StarCraft would be awesome too!

After that, I went through all my JGirls bookmarks and did some spring (summer?) cleaning. AM woke up, so I gave her a ride to the WP and then headed off for work, while still being on time if it were a regular work day. When I got there, Candace was working. She works for security at the provincial building where my office is located. She’s very friendly, fun to talk to, and has a pretty nice ass!! Regardless, she’s got a mind that’s so deep, it’s fun talking to her, and I didn’t get to my office until somebody interrupted to pick up a PC from my office two hours later!!! Hahaha.

So, anyway, I’m taking Patrick’s pager today because he wants to go to the lake and he’s on call. Being the nice guy that I am, I got all acrimonious and gladly accepted, since he’s willing to treat me to lunch. Sweet.

After that, I plan to get some work done. I originally had the urge to make a new template for this site, since I’m still using a Blogger template. But, so much for that since it’s Friday and Dad is working OT, which would leave me in charge of the WP.

Getting back briefly to the upcoming site template, I’ve got some wicked cool hack ideas for Blogger, thanks to the power of PHP and CSS. Just wait and see. Oh, yes. Just wait and see.

Did I mention that Candace has a nice ass yet? I did? Oh. Umm… Shannon, a court worker in my building, also has a nice ass. She used to be Wil’s roommate, and he told me she used to prance around the house in her panties all the time. Very nice!!

Current Music: Lee Hyolee – 10 MINUTES

STYLISH…E is a great album. But, I’ll talk about it later since Pat is waiting for me outside to go to lunch.

Okay, back from lunch. This song is awesome. Hell, the whole album is awesome. Very R&B, without losing its pop roots. I swear, Asian music has a distinct sound that can neither be replicated nor imitated. Korean Pop is no exception. I highly anticipate her sophomore album at the end of this month!

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