Ready to work.

I came into work today all pumped and primed for another busy day. However, every call is either delayed or the contact isn’t available. So, I decided to blog, except that there’s nothing really to blog about. I guess I’ll just wing it.

Jade Empire is cool. I know I had my JE blogging moment yesterday, but I felt like I needed another one. So, piss me off, that freaking Gao the Greater decided to send a raiding party to trash the village. They burninated everything and kidnapped Master Li. What a bunch of numbs. Just to get to the school was hard enough – I had to fight through a bunch of soldiers, and then I had to fight through a bunch of tougher soldiers that used magic. It took me several deaths to figure out which stances to use against which soldiers, but I finally got it. I’m currently in Tien’s Landing, trying to procure a new flyer and a wind map. I would’ve made it farther if it wasn’t for the fact that James H decided to call me while I was playing and waste my time trying to convince me to go visit him for something or other. Whatever.

I guess we kinda made plans for today, but I really wanna cop out and play more JE. Maybe I should. I’m not that good of a friend to anybody, anyway. Hehehe.

I have a lunch date with Priss today. Damn rights, I’m hungry because I didn’t have breakfast. I didn’t skip it, though. I just didn’t know what I wanted to have, and while I was trying to figure it out, I had to go to work. I was gonna just give in and get some toast from the cafeteria at work, but the damn guy has no interac, and I have no cash on me.

Back to Priss, it’ll be nice to catch up. Although she is a bit childish and will probably make mundane conversation, she’s fun to be with and she’s quite possibly the only girl I would spend any quality time with. We dated before, but she decided that she didn’t want to be more than friends, plus her mom and stepdad didn’t seem to like the fact that I was dating her. Call it racism or the age factor, it makes no difference because it’s done and over with, and in the past. Still… it would’ve been nice to see where a relationship like ours could’ve went. Would’ve, should’ve, could’ve, I don’t want to worry about that kinda thing. All I know is, I would like to have a Japanese girlfriend. Maybe I can marry into a Japanese family in the future. Even though I say that I don’t need somebody, I’m actually aching to have somebody. I just don’t want to show it so that my family will worry about me. Either that or take matters into their own hands and have me engaged within the week.

Mom and I started watching Mukodono. It’s funny and heartwarming as well. Mom didn’t understand that episode with Tsutomu and otoko no yakusoku. I guess it’s a guy thing.

Current Music: Koda Kumi – SHAKE IT

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