Real Adventure.

Here’s a hilarious comment I made on Ian’s LJ regarding an idea for a freeform roleplay community. It was so good, I thought I should toss it here.

To amend, I would like to also propose my own community of roleplay known as Real Adventure.

In Real Adventure, the members would be required to provide their own equipment and weapons, where we would hold meetings in dense forestry and perform real-time roleplay. As this would be a large-scale format, it lets us get some exercise and test our true mettle in battle and weave stories by staying completely in character throughout the duration of the game. There will be a fee to join, of course, but this will cover the expenses required to hold such a game within such a location – which would be held completely over an entire weekend. This would give us the needed time to get adjusted to our character. I guarantee that nobody will be able to walk away from the experience the same again!

Of course, no game is without its hardships, but that is the truth about most games. Food will not be provided, so you would have to hunt your own food – we will ensure that the location we choose will be rich in wildlife and a large lake to fish at. Also, there will be no resting spots, so sleep where you can and make do with what you find along your journeys. We will be setting up a lair for a master villain (who will, instead of being in character, will be a former psychotic patient from a mental hospital). As for monsters to fight, we’ve taken the illegal cloning technology and basically used it to create failed experiments, which will be randomly unleashed into the forest area. There will be many a half-lamb, half-horse creature to attack with your weapon of choice! Unfortunately, some of you may die fighting the creatures (and each other, depending on your plotlines), but that is a sacrifice you should be willing to make to experience the ultimate game!

Please feel free to post with any comments, questions, or suggestions! Please note that any flamers will be donated as lab experiments for our master villain in the game. Thank you.

Please don’t take this thing seriously. I’m joking, and I would never do something insane as this. Although it would be fun (minus the killing and the mutated monsters).

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  1. hunh????

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  3. what the?????

  4. oh this is heavy d by the way

  5. I was satiring freeform roleplay, which is basically chatting with other net users as a fantasy-style character. Think of it as a bunch of geeks pretending they are characters from say, Lord of the Rings, except they come up with their own storylines, plots, and mix them together with other people. It’s almost like tabletop Dungeons & Dragons, but without a GM.

  6. cool. I am Xetrov a rather large sumwhat slow but very strong and pwerfull warrior who is skilled with the sword and quick with the tongue (verbally speaking of course lol)

  7. i am such a geek.. i bought yo yo today

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