I’ve been busy these past few days, trying to sort out my problems with school and my parents and getting nowhere with it. To take my mind off it, I also undertook a strategy to rearrange all the items in my room so that I would have more room overall without having to remove anything. It was a really tiring two days. First, I assembled the two bookshelves I bought on the weekend. Then, I moved my bed out of the way and into Megan’s room, and put my CD collection into the new bookshelves, which I placed beside my closet. Then, I pulled out my computer and dragged the desk to the edge of my room, where I proceeded to move my bed back into the room. After that, I managed to move a shelf over to its new spot in the corner of the room without removing its contents. Then, came the annoying part. I dragged the desk over to the door so that I would have enough space beside the bed for the bookshelf. I removed all its items first and then I had to repair it because the backboard had ripped off. After that, I put it into its new location, and then rearranged the items on it. Then, I moved my desk in front of the shelf and used it to carry the rest of the items from the other bookshelves. After stacking the bookshelves beside the bookshelf I fixed, I replaced all the items and moved the desk to its new location. Then, came the annoying part of putting my computer back on the desk. I decided to change a few things here and there, but otherwise kept it the same, but I removed some of the junk that was on it before and threw some of it away. Anyway, once I finished everything, I decorated a bit by arranging all my Japanese memorabilia on the bookshelves and stuff. My last problem was the comic book box, which I neglected until the very end, and had no place for it. I ended up putting it in front of one of the bookshelves, but it worked out fine, seeing as how I had more room to walk around in. Anyway, that was my adventure for the past few days, which is why I haven’t been able to update. Well, I was lazy too. ^_~

Wowee wow!!

Isn't this cool??

Air Elise!

WHOO! (Nic Kleyh style)

Anyway, there are the pictures of my new room. It’s too bad I didn’t take any pictures of my old room, then I could show them to you as a comparison note, but, oh well. I’ll draw a diagram someday later. That’s all for me, I’m off to write a final exam that I’m probably gonna fail.

Oh, yeah. Yesterday was my baby brother’s birthday, and I ended up getting into a huge argument with my parents. My performance had dwindled at work lately, and they were complaining to me about it, but it was mostly due to the fact that I had no idea what to do about school. Megan kept telling me yesterday to just do what makes me happy. To tell the truth, I didn’t even know what made me happy. I would be happy if my parents were happy for me, but I was also be happy doing what I love most. However, my parents’ happiness would sacrifice my own, seeing as how I would be doing computers, which I loathe to no end. On the other hand, my happiness would sacrifice my parents’ happiness, which I also care about. I love my family, but I need to love myself too, however, I’ve been a failure for my whole life before college, and my father just couldn’t stand the sight of me, right until I decided to attend college. So, it’s not just the fact that I’d be quitting school to pursue my new career in Japan, but I’d be quitting school AGAIN. And it’s not even the fact that I hate school. Heck, before, it used to be, but now, I love school, but not the courses I’m taking. I only have one life to live, and I’m not getting any younger, so shouldn’t I be making the best of it and giving myself the education I want? Anyway, it’s too late to talk about education anymore. From the looks of things, I just blew it anyway, because I seem to be failing some courses which I need for next year, so needless to say, I’m pretty fsck’ed in that department. My father is not happy about it, and he has a million and one questions about what I would do in Japan. I don’t even know how to answer him right now, since he’s asking them all at once before I can answer him. I have a billion feelings and thoughts running through my mind right now, and to explain them all would result in a huge tome. I think LiveJournal would start to limit the size of my entries from then on. So, I guess I’d better stop. You probably already got the gist of what I’m saying right now.

Website Plans
You think my websites are dead, huh? Yeah, they pretty much are, mostly because of school and work. However, if I can somehow get a job and work off my debts in a year’s time (I owe a huge one to my dad for all the wasted school fees), then I can easily update my website and find a way to add more features so that updates won’t have to be that frequent. First of all, I need to …no, I MUST improve my anime drawing skills, so I have to start making new pages of HIOS Life. I have some vague ideas about how to spice up the storyline and make it remotely interesting. In addition to that, I plan to put all my fiction back online, including my classic Team HANime series of fiction. My homepage also might get some new features. I’m thinking about embedding my LiveJournal into my homepage. Just a thought, though. I might also give my homepage a facelift and give it a Japanese style. I want to focus on Japanese stuff and tidbits about their culture and history and stuff. It might turn out to be a huge project, but it’ll be great. Also, after I learn some Japanese, I’m thinking about adding Japanese versions to my website and homepage, hopefully to improve my mastery of the language. If my Chibi Shibuya store becomes a reality, then will showcase the store! Anyway, that’s all the plans I have for now.

J-Pop Insight
I like Max. They’re one of the hottest girl groups in Japan, next to Dream and Key-A-Kiss. According to everybody else, though, they’ve pretty much replaced Speed outright. This song, Moonlight, is a great song, right up there next to Give Me a Shake and Ginga no Chikai, two of my other Max favorites. Until the next LiveJournal entry. Ja ne!

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