Redesign and spam.

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Kawamura Yukie

Behold! The site redesign I’ve been working on is finally up! I actually stopped working on it a month or so ago, no thanks to the previous delivery driver for the WP, who up and quit on us, leaving the burden to me. In between deliveries, I got too busy and couldn’t work on it. However, now that I caught a free day from fixing computers, I decided to go ahead and upload everything, leaving the SQL database to a later date.

Spam is very annoying. No matter how much you try to block it and filter it out, it always comes back from pesky fuckers who create new randomized e-mail addresses to send out their damn ads, which mostly don’t make sense. Somehow, these idiots have managed to come up with a script to post spam comments to blogs. I’ve recently been the victim of such actions, and I’ve been seriously considering restricting anonymous comments. As a result, in order to post, you’d have to have a Blogger account (and not necessarily a blog). Like I said, though, I’m still considering it.

The native youth population in my town is just ridiculous. One of these bad seeds went and spit on my driver’s side door handle. What a bunch of jerks. They have no respect for other people’s property, because they have no sense of ownership, since they do nothing to contribute to society. They’re lazy punks who don’t even deserve to be called human. Bah… I’m just bitter about this. In actuality, I want that damn Boys & Girls Club next door to the restaurant demolished so that the punks have nowhere to hang out.

Current Music: Tommy february6 – KISS ONE MORE TIME

This is an awesome song! Hell, I’m loving everything about Kawase Tomoko! I just ordered all her solo albums, including the new one. I am so bad, but it goes to show that I don’t just download music like a leecher – I actually sample and buy if I like it.

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