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Girl of the Day

Iwasa Mayuko

Mayuko-chan is so cute!!! This is such a nice portrait, an awesome example of photography.

I finally finished watching R.O.D THE TV last week, though I forgot to mention it in the last post. I guess the excitement of ADVENT CHILDREN dulled that somewhat. This whole weekend wasn’t a total bust. I found a way to copy movie DVDs, which will help if I ever want to make backup copies so that I don’t use my original for watching. I also got a lot of work done on my HANGA Shousetsu series. I just basically spent all of Saturday parsing text and updating them to a new formatting style. That night, I relaxed and unwinded with an old friend – FINAL FANTASY VII for PC.

Sunday was pretty much the same. Worked on WACKY No Jinsei, slowly converting it back to the paragraph format it used to be in. Ended up writing in an entirely new scene to explain a little inconsistency I never knew existed. I didn’t get anything done with Hoshi Ga Mitai, my short story, but I did quite a bit with it this morning.

Jennilee should be gone by now. She had a flight to catch at 10:00, but at around 9:00, she and Eugene were still asleep, so their plans may have changed. We got a chance to hear her play the fiddle Saturday night. She’s so awesome, it’s beyond words. It’s like… listening to Kurt Bradford on guitar – their playing level is so good. If only I could play an instrument like that, but then again, I’m not into it as much as most violinists are, I just have an interest in it. Still, if I could fulfill my wish to be able to play the Bach Partita No. 3, I’d be happy.

Work is kinda slow today. I’m not complaining, as I have lots of work that needs to be done on WACKY No Jinsei and Hoshi Ga Mitai. Instead of going home, I’m just opting to stay at work and do it, since I have some docking hardware here.

Current Music: Shibasaki KOU – Shinai

Dammit, found another album I want to buy – Shibasaki KOU’s Mitsu. I’ve been listening to it non-stop this whole weekend, and I’m just in love. She sang Katachi Arumono, a single I enjoyed last year, both the video and the song itself. This album was released five months prior to the single, so it’s an older album. However, if she puts out another album, I’d snatch them both up at the same time. Her music uses a variety of styles and instruments, consisting mostly of ballads and low-key tunes. This particular song makes use of the accordion, which really suits the song.

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