Okay, so I’m not back in Thompson. The reason? Eugene’s car. Something serious went on it and, well… the only appointment is today (it’s 5:30 AM in the morning, and I can’t sleep), so I had to call in to work to get an extra off-day. Blah, this sucks. Oh, well, I’ll go visit some more RadioShacks in the city.

Oh yeah! So, I guess I should talk about how yesterday went. I woke up late (slept in til 10:30) because Krystina (Byron’s girlfriend) was home early because she wasn’t feeling too well. So, we chatted for a bit while waiting for Eugene to get back (he told me he was getting his brake lights fixed the previous night). When he got back, he said that his “insert some-car-part-I-don’t-remember-the-name-of here” needed replacing, so he got an appointment made for as early as today.

So, we went to grab one of Eugene’s friends, Liz, and went for lunch at Taco Bell. Then we went to Polo Park, where I finally bought myself a suit for the Sunday meetings. I also visited the RadioShack there and chatted with everybody there. After Polo Park, we went to the place where Eugene got his Marshall half-stack guitar amp, and tried out a crybaby wah pedal. He didn’t buy it, but he got a neato fold-up guitar stand. Then, we went to FutureShop and I still can’t find any anime. Grr…

We headed back to Byron’s and decided on watching movies at St. Vital SilverCity. Byron and Krystina went to see 2 Fast 2 Furious, Eugene and Liz went to Bruce Almighty, and I did Matrix Reloaded solo. I dunno why niisan didn’t like it, because I absolutely loved it! Good action, good plotline, dumb critics. Playing some of the Enter The Matrix game gave me some cool insight into the movie.

After the movie, Eugene and Liz had ditched me, but Byron and Krystina had waited for me. I almost didn’t see the preview for Matrix Revolutions until Byron told me about it, so we went back in to see it (the cool usher chick let them join me – that’s friendly service!). On the way back to Byron’s, Krystina called Eugene on her cell and found out that he thought the movie ended later than it actually did.

Eugene, Liz, and I went to Appleby’s for supper afterwards. I had an enchilada! Yum! But it was all so expensive… I probably won’t go there for a while because it’s so expensive!!

Instead of dropping Liz back off to her place, Eugene let her stay at Byron’s. In my opinion, that’s like overstaying your welcome by letting guests stay overnight. Not only that, but they are sleeping on the couch together like they are dating, and it irks me because Eugene is getting involved with too many girls. They are going to be the death of him one day, sadly. I just hope he doesn’t get sexually involved with this girl. Heh, sexual immorality has become a serious issue with me now. I really am a bible thumper now!

Still, even if I weren’t religious, I’d still have enough moral sense to know what’s right and what’s wrong, and what’s happening on the couch perpendicular to me is wrong. Eugene may be acting like a gentleman right now, but you should never sleep with a girl you are not involved with, even if no sex or intimacy is involved. Anyway, that’s just my two cents, and in a world where sexual immorality runs rampant, who would listen to lil’ old me anyway?

Well, I should try to sleep again. It’s just so hot in this apartment, and I hope I can get home as scheduled tomorrow morning. So, that’s it for me for now.

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  1. Well, that’s no good! Hope you didn’t get into hot water for being a day later for work. Weird how those things pop up. Though sometimes you bring a car in for one thing, and they sneak up a bunch of other repairs ‘needed’. Usually they aren’t needed. Have to be careful about that one.

    As for the whole sex/sleeping/intimacy issue – well, you don’t have to be religious to take that view. Simple have some morals, or good ethics. Better to do that stuff when you’re in love or care about the person greatly. Less complications and guilt that way. As well, I think it’s the only way to go – my opinion, of course.

    I had the enchilada at Applebees! *L* They are pretty good, I agree. But yes..very very expensive.

    Had fun with you! n_n *L* Even if we were only able to hang out for a day.

    Hope you get back to Thompson alright and in one piece!!!

  2. Yes, I agree.

    Wasn’t that a cryptic response?? ^_^

    Anyway, I hope next time will turn out better. I’ll have to look into getting a car or something before I come down. That would rock, indeed.

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