Relocate to Grid.

I got banished to use the computer in Ning-Ning’s room. Oh, well.

I just finished practicing my violin. That is, torturing. Hahaha. I was basically trying to get used to drawing the bow in a somewhat straight line, even though nothing was coming out. Plus, I attempted to fix my posture and hold the violin properly. I’m still not sure if I’m doing it right, but I’ve been using internet tutorials as guides, so I’m probably not that far off. If only I could draw a clean note!! Well, maybe a few more months of practice. I need to take on an instructor.

Before practicing the violin, I started playing an online Flash game called Insaniquarium. It’s addictive and fun, almost as fun as SimGirl. You basically have to feed your goldfish. They drop money so that you can continue to feed them, but there are perks. They grow in size if you feed them enough, thus dropping larger sums of money. If you earn enough money, you can buy more goldfish, upgrade your food, buy eggs, etc. Eventually, you get threatened by enemy critters that try to eat your fish, so you have to defend your turf. The kicker is, this can go on for hours and hours on end. It’s a good thing that my aunt needed to use the internet, otherwise I wouldn’t have stopped playing. Last night at work, before Patrick came over to pick me up, I bit the bullet and installed PWS and PHP for my websites, but I did it the right way this time around. I also installed Kyodai, but I had to run the 2D version and turn off all the animation effects. I should get a new laptop, one of those new HP Pavilions, but I don’t really need all that power unless I’m gaming, so I can hold off for a while. I’m currently concentrating on building another comp that will be able to play most of my favorite games over the network. That, and I need an Apple G4 or something equivalent. A Powerbook Mac would be nice too. Yeah, and an SGI. Hahahaha, no, that’s okay, I shouldn’t go crazy on computers. Apple G4 and a new customized comp. That’ll be good enough. I want to have at least four computers on my network. One running Linux, one running MacOS, one running Windows, and maybe one running BSD or something else fun, like BeOS.

Umm… this became more of a rant. Whoops. Well, got nothing else better to do. Maybe I’ll go play Kyodai. Hehehe. I wanna play some SSX Tricky, but I left my PS2 at WP to ward Eugene off from using my TV to entertain his friends at night. That sux0rz.

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