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Kawamura Yukie

Yukie-chan is sooooo hot. She may not be provocatively dressed, but that face! That body! Oh, sorry, got carried away.

Some people like first-person shooters, role playing games, real time strategies, sports games, or online games. I, on the other hand, like ren’ai games, or dating sims. I just got in my order from J-List – HEART de ROOMMATE and JEWEL KNIGHTS CRUSADERS. Both of these ren’ai games are unique in the aspect that they’re structured like anime. They have episode titles, eyecatches, and next episode previews. I’ve already played through the first few “episodes” of HEART de ROOMMATE, and I’m laughing so hard at the characters and the situations. AngelSmile did a real top-notch job with this game. Quite honestly, I’d prefer if this particular game wasn’t hentai, but the reality is that most games released on PC in Japan are. On the up side, more of the popular ones that get ported to consoles like PS2 are wiped of the hentai and they also get extra material to boot. It’s a shame that these games don’t get translated and domesticated.

Dropped the car off at the body shop. I need to get the parts there before a final estimate can be made. Erin already found me a spoiler and a hood, so I’m basically waiting on the grill.

Met a cool guy named Jerry, who started working for the government a couple months ago. He used to be at MTS in Winnipeg, so he’s my inside lead to landing a job there. He’s got a good philosophy – scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Make me money, and I’ll make you money. Plus, he’s hilarious and laid back. He’s got a staggering amount of confidence with the ladies. Not that I don’t have any, but honestly, I’m not trying, so I don’t know if I do.

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  1. It seems I’m not the only one who prefers non-hentai ren’ai games. ;)

    I’m actually quite a “ren’ai newbie” (I only played Kanon, Air and Planetarian – and never completed them), so it would be nice if you could advise me some titles. :)
    Preferably games translated to English, although Japanese is fine too.

    Thanks. :)

  2. Kanon and AIR were both very good games, both of them were made by Key. Another good one to check out from them is Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. You may have seen the anime, which was also done very well.

    There’s the ever-omnipresent Tokimeki MEMORIAL series, as well as this little sleeper hit for PS2 called CROSS CHANNEL. Don’t forget the Princess Maker series (if you can find yourself a Japanese Sega Saturn on eBay, you’re laughing – I know I did). These titles I mentioned are Japanese only, unfortunately, and they’re pretty much the best of the batch.

    Unfortunately, when it comes to translated ren’ai games, the majority of them are all hentai. The only exceptions to this would probably be Graduation and the new Hirameki International titles, which are all playable on your DVD player as well! I highly recommend Hourglass of Summer and Day of Love. Ai Yori Aoshi and Ever 17 have just been announced for preorder, and I will definitely be getting my hands on those ones.

    If you can stand the hentai, I also highly recommend Tokimeki Check-in!, Kana, and Critical Point, all with very colorful characters and interesting storylines (the latter’s storyline written by one of the writers of Macross).

    A strange, but very hard to find game for PSone is Thousand Arms, the only mainstream RPG with ren’ai elements. I still haven’t found a copy… yet.

    It’s good to meet fellow ren’ai gamers. I sincerely wish you good luck with getting these types of games!

  3. That’s even more information than I hoped for. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something I like with this list – Hourglass of Summer seems to have a nice storyline (and beautiful artwork), so I’ll try getting my hands on it.
    Once again, thank you very much!

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