Replacing Stuff

Hahaha, is it me, or am I slowly replacing stuff just for moving purposes? I have this huge clunker of an Epson printer-scanner-copier machine. It scans great, prints great, copies perfectly. The problem is that… most of it is because my mom and aunt use it all the time!! XD Hells, I only use it for scanning, so… I bought a brand new scanner. My mom and aunt are going to buy the Epson off me, so it makes things easier. DAMN, this new scanner is an HP, but it’s SMALL!!! It’s one of those new portables where it scans pages facing up, and you can detach the lid (because that IS the scanner) to scan huge objects like posters and stuff, and then the included software will stitch it all together. Niiiiiiiice.

I haven’t unpacked it yet, but that’s because I’m still working on the restaurant DVD. It’s gonna be sweet-ass-sweet. The DVD, that is. I already know the scanner’s gonna rock.

Well, enough of my break. Time to get back to the DVD. I just have to design the menus and add subs, then it’ll be time to burn like fiiiiiiyaaaaah (fire)!!!

Additional Resources

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