R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell

When I was in high school, Marilyn Manson was all the rage, and everybody was listening to The Beautiful People. It was a good single, and it was the definition of heavy metal in those days. However, I came across an album in the music store that caught my attention – The Great Southern Trendkill. When I heard it, it just blew me away – Dimebag’s guitars screamed with a speed and style I had never heard before. From the masterfully arpeggiated Floods to the super-charged title track, it brought me to a whole new level (no pun intended). Pantera – the cowboys from hell – were a band I could not easily forget. Even when Damageplan was formed, I knew that we would still be hearing some great music.

Some homicidal idiot waltzed into a club last night and targeted Dimebag – one of the greatest heavy metal guitar heroes of this century – taking away two great fans and the person who led me through adolescent life by the fretboard. Whatever deep-seated vendetta this bastard obviously had – who the hell gave him the right to judge the worth of life? As if we don’t have enough enemies on our asses in this world – war, famine, disease, accidents, forces of nature – but nutcrackers like that get a say in whether we live or die? It’s scary how a person measures the weight of existence by the weight of a weapon. Murderers should all be locked up in solitary confinement for life. But, I digress. Dimebag was a prodigal musician, and it was appalling what happened to him. He will be surely missed.

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