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Souma Akane

w00t! I got in my PVC figure of Kazami Mizuho! *drools* I don’t have a spot for any figures right now, so I have her in the box sitting on my PC until I can clear away some room this upcoming weekend. What I find funny is that I ordered this figure from Japan, while all the others are from the States, and this one got here first. Well… Americans are lazy!

Sorry, I didn’t mean that. White people are lazy. THERE we go. ^___^ *ニコニコ*

I had to go to Nelson House for work today, so there’s more money in my pocket. I fixed a PC over the weekend, so I made some more money to pre-order those CDs I wanted for next month. I still have some money leftover, and I can choose to either order more manga online or… not. Whatever.

The hobby store should be getting more stock in tomorrow. Regardless, I’m gonna pick up the second volume of Akuma De Sourou. The story is starting to remind me of STRAWBERRY ON THE SHORTCAKE. It’s not a bad thing, though.

I’ve been on this loli fetish today (no worries, I’m not posting any pictures… yet). Yeah, I figure this is cutting pretty close to the stereotypical otaku, but I don’t particularly have a preference for cup size. As long as the character designs for the girl are cute and colorful, then I have no other issues.

Anime Episode #2


Akira-san!! ^^

Rude awakening.

“Ara ara! Ufufufu!” “Not allowed!”

ARIA is turning out to be a slice-of-life sci-fi anime with SD characters and simple comedy. This episode focused on Aika’s resentment of being the heir to Himeya company and under Akira’s harsh tutelage. So, she runs away to Aria company, and Akira tries to coerce her into returning. This is a great anime if you’re into vegging out and not wanting to involve yourself in a complex storyline.

Shakugan No SHANA
Anime Episode #2

A Flame Haze still needs to eat.

The bad guy and his dolly.

Dead man walking. *_*

Sad disappearance of a Torch.

No butt-kicking action this time around, but some explanation about Torches and Flame Hazes. However, this is a rather tragic episode for Yukari. It’s too bad, she was rather cute.

Hana Yori Dango
Drama Episode #3

Tsubaki-sama!!! XD


A ringo star. ^^;

Declaration… of war?

This has got to be my second favorite drama series of the year (Densha Otoko being the first). I like how quickly this show is advancing in the storyline. The popular Matsushima Nanako’s portrayal of Tsubaki was great! Nanako-sama is soooo cute and pretty… most of her dramas are very good, and if you haven’t heard of her, you should see her in GTO and Yamato Nadeshiko.

Current Music: KOTOKO – RETRIEVE

I was listening to GLASS No Kaze on the way to Nelson House, and this song is in my head, although most of the songs on that album can easily get into your head.

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