Ryoko-chan on Mitake again.

Not much is happening. Now that dad and my aunt are in China, my evenings are free. I’ve been taking advantage of it, relaxing with mom and Esmond, watching drama and anime, writing, and playing some WoW on occasion.

My Current Wallpaper on MitakeMitake Ryoko
(EDIT: Sorry, lost the picture after the move to Ace-Host.net.)

I changed up the wallpaper on Mitake – same girl, different photo. Man-oh-man, she’s so hot that my computer is now a puddle on my desk. Not a whole lot going on today. I’m grabbing my laptop so I can do some writing at my cousin’s restaurant. Another social visit, I suppose. I’m downloading lots of anime and drama, and it seems as though a lot of them are starting to wrap up, so I can finally back them up to DVD. My damn hard drive is running out of space again!!

Well, off I go then.

Current Music: Jamie Dee – So Good (just some old non-stop dance music I have)

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