Say hello to Ayukawa.

My latest PC, Ayukawa, is ready and working! I installed some basic apps to get her going, as well as a bunch of games. She’s going to become my media center and gaming PC. Eventually, I’ll have to pick up a copy of Windows XP Media Center Edition, an IR remote, and an HD converter or something to hook her up to my TV. I’m also thinking of a Bluetooth keyboard, but that’s thinking way too far ahead. The remote control should suffice. Oh yeah, a new case to replace the busted one would be a good idea too.

So, Blizzard updated WoW with a huge patch yesterday. As expected, it’s been the buggiest patch I’ve ever seen, because there are multiple login problems and they had to reboot many of the servers. For the most hyped game of the year, Blizzard sure is gaining a reputation for not being prepared enough to handle lag and load. Although WoW is an awesome game, they should have done more thorough beta testing, and upgrade their servers to twenty times the projected estimates. To be quite honest, I’m not all that upset about it, since I have many other things that can occupy my time. I really should get back to writing and drawing. Whoops.

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