School or Business?

Well, I woke up this morning, wondering if I should go to school. Heck, I ended up NOT going to school, because I was busy looking up some important reference websites for my new business. Last night, I came up with a name: “ Chibi Shibuya”. It only seems fit, since everything I plan to sell can easily be found in the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo. Anyway, I’m already getting started with the business, which is crazy, since it’s gonna take me the whole year to save up some money on the side to even start this. I have to find a way to design the store, and I’m still trying to locate wholesalers in Canada (or Japan, whichever comes cheaper). All in all, I don’t think this morning was wasted, although I should make an effort to finish this semester of school with my usual grades. But, why bother doing that when I’m not even going to the second semester, anyway? Oh, well.

Hey, I’m posting more often now. Sugoi, ne? It’s also time to start learning Japanese. Okay, it’s off to school I go now… yay. Ja ne.

Additional Resources

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