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Fukuyama Anna

The last two weeks were pretty busy. I’ll start with two weeks ago. I got in the latest issue of sabra on Wednesday. My order from Neowing came in the next day – Suzuki Ami – AROUND THE WORLD and SweetS – 5 elementS. Of course, the Suzuki Ami single is already OOP! That night, my parents got home from the restaurant and gave me my Sony PSP, which arrived earlier in the evening. I charged it up, configured it, and updated the firmware. What an awesome piece of hardware. Because my order for the games was still delayed, I went downtown and bought two games for it – SSX On Tour and Burnout Legends. Both are awesome games, but I’ll probably ignore them when COMIC PARTY PORTABLE is released.

Last week, I worked hard at the office and brought all my calls and work orders down to zero!! It’s a great achievement in my field to be able to do that. I also started at The Source by Circuit City on Friday evening after work. It took me a bit, but I got reacquainted with the system and stuff. However, I lost on a few sales because of my inexperience with some of the new products – I mean, you can’t exactly sell something without knowing what it does or knowing what new support options are available.

So, my Yesasia order is finally on its way. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the figure of Miyafuji Miina that I wanted, so that really sucked. However, I made an order for the second release of the Kazami Mizuho resin statue, and another order for the PVC statues of Ren (from EREMENTAR GERAD), Asuka and Rei (in sexy sleepwear), and Yuffie.

Although I don’t really want to admit it, I really needed the day off today (Sunday). What with the loss of an hour due to DST, I had the chance to do nothing all day except for finalizing the Ambientriphop Mix I made. Also, I finished writing a short story I had planned for posting. I’m already writing a follow up, since I love this new world I’ve created. Keep watching my Fiction page and FictionPress site for it!

Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama
Anime Episodes #1 to 6

Caught undressing.

Furo fanservice!

More furo fanservice!

Pochi didn’t throw a thing.

Hadaka no apron – 50 points!


Mitsuki-sama in her throne.

This is physically impossible, even for an alligator.

Like mother, like daughter.

Scary Anna-chan.

Risque yukata!


What an awesome series. There have been some bad reviews about this being another fanservice harem show with nothing else going for it, but that’s obviously an American opinion. Maybe it’s just an asian thing, but I really love this series. All the characters are unique in their own way, and for once, the protagonist is a twisted hentai and isn’t afraid to show it (or exploit it). This show has it all – characters you can really enjoy (especially the twistedly cute Mitsuki – she’s more suited to Yoshitaka than the other girls), comedy from one end to the other, a hentai alligator, lots of cosplay, and lots of fanservice.

Hana Yori Dango
Drama Episode #1


Fighting girl.

My aunt watched all of Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese drama based on the manga, but I’m not a huge fan of Chinese drama. When this JDrama was announced, I was pretty much frothing at the mouth until it was released and subbed (hayai!). I have to admit that I haven’t read the manga at all, but after watching this episode and getting dropped at such a climax, I may have no choice but to pick it up instead of waiting for each episode to come out.

I’ve been pretty busy, which is why I haven’t posted for so long, but at least I have lots of content with which to post with. If only I could find a way to take high-quality screenshots of my PSP games.

Current Music: Okui Masami – TRUST

The OP for Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama. It’s a pretty catchy song. I have it in my head when I’m at work. I should put it on my PSP.

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