Taking a break from updating, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and rant about something completely sexist – and when I say sexist, you’re already getting the wrong idea.

Look at all the accomplishments men have made. Because of men, we have great advances in technology. We have a better understanding of things around us. Humans sure have come far because of men.

But look at the other side of the coin. Because of men, we also have war, violence, and even though I have no direct proof, I’m pretty sure that many of the other problems on this earth are caused by men.

Women may be meeker, more emotional, and less assertive (in general, of course), but men are strong, assertive, and desensitized to many things. In short, this all adds up to something – women are smart, men just have egos. If a woman was president, we wouldn’t have this problem with the situation in Iraq. Heck, if a woman ruled Iraq, we wouldn’t have had this problem in the first place.

To prove an overbloated opinion or win an argument, men will go to just about any lengths to do it, and it doesn’t matter who or what gets trampled in the way. Men don’t stop to enjoy the simpler things, they tend to like complications in their lives. Men are pretty dirty. How many guys do I know have a clean apartment or house? What a low percentage. Women smell nicer, and there are more neater ones than dirty ones. I won’t count teenagers nowadays – it is a modern age, and it’s pretty hard to find a well-trained lady, but even the most uncouth woman on the planet is probably more courteous and friendler than the most rudest man on the planet.

Women are modest, but I guess I don’t have to really say much about men. They always have something to prove, even if they have to express foot-in-mouth syndrome.

The stupidity-fueled TV show, Jackass. Enough said.

Women want love, men want sex. Women want security, men go with the flow. Women think with their heads, men think with… well, you get the idea.

Everything I said may not hold for certain people. There are some who have lived in extenuating circumstances to change their complete character. But on average, this is probably mostly true. I have a better understanding since my mom raised me – my dad has been more of a fixture than a role model in my life.

So, in conclusion, men suck and women are better. It took every ounce of my will to say all this, especially against the testosterone inside of me. However, I do have a brain, and I try not to listen to my head. Enough is enough, already.

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  1. littlefreeze says

    Mugen-san is sexist towards his own gender?!?! O__O

  2. purplelasgna says

    OR you could just judge people by who they are, not what gendre they are XP

    Sides, I dont think it WOULD be better if women ruled….Women are more prone to have vanity, pettyness and jealously. That’s just as deadly as anything a man can bring about.

  3. Hehehe, just ranting, just ranting! I have these thoughts in my head sometimes that I want to put down on paper… on LJ… you know what I mean. ^_^

  4. But, Mindy, when was the last time a woman started a world war because of a misunderstanding?

  5. littlefreeze says

    Yeah I know. . I’m just picking on you!! ^__^

  6. littlefreeze says

    I LOVE THE NOODLE GUY!! He looks so funny!! ^__^

  7. purplelasgna says

    Women ARE just as bad, shown in the past:

    -Procopius’ history of the Gothic War of 535-552AD includes the story of an English princess, referred to as “the Island Girl”, who led an invasion of part of Jutland and captured the young king, Radigis, who had jilted her after their betrothal

    -Queen Aethelburgh destroyed Taunton’ (source “The Anglo Saxon Chronicles”)

    -Thyra, Queen of Denmark, ruled in her husband’s absence. She led her army against the Germans who invaded Sleswick and Jutland.
    Around 890 AD she built the Danneverke, a great wall which was Denmark’s major defence for centuries.

    -Rusilla fought against her brother Thrond for the thrones of both Denmark and Norway. (source “Women in the Viking Age” – Judith Jesch – Boydell Press – 0 85115 278 3)

    -The Empress Maud, also known as Matilda, Empress of Germany, Countess of Anjou, Domina Anglorum, Lady of the English, Matilda Augusta and Matilda the Good, was the daughter of King Henry I of England and Normandy.
    Her father made her his heir, but the Barons refused to accept her and her cousin Stephen was crowned King in 1135.
    Maud then invaded England and a long civil war continued for many years until Stephen agreed to make Maud’s son Henry his heir. She died in Normandy in 1167.

  8. It’s Genzo from Tenshi Na Konamaiki! ^_^

  9. It looks as though you have something against women!! O_O

  10. XP

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