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Monday, September 30, 2002
Today I made turkey soup from the left over turkey I made Sunday. I've never made turkey soup before (I've actally never made a turkey before Sunday either - so I'm jumping all sorts of new hurdles). Anyway, the soup is going to feed me for weeks. But I kind of screwed up... I put red cabbage in the soup instead of green cabbage, so now I have purple turkey soup. Even the turkey IN the soup turned purple. I tried to give some to my roommate, but he woudln't eat it because it is purple. But I'll eat it up because it tastes fine.

The moral of today's buck is... I used leftovers and made something that will feed me for weeks. AND because I screwed up, no one else will eat my soup, so it'll feed me that much longer. That's it.

Hahahaha, I laughed so hard at this one!!! I should make purple turkey soup!!! ^_^

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