Shopping for Ka-Ka! ^_^

Ugh… back to my fun-filled early morning schedule. I got up this morning and dropped off Eugene at work, then installed the new Armada 2 I bought yesterday. Then, I decided to burn a copy for Patrick, since the copy we got from Picard was crap for brains. After copying the files to the hard drive to prepare the burn, my mom and aunt had to go shopping. I was still wearing pajamas. Hmm. Oh, well. I grabbed my keys, wallet, and put on a cap to disguise my sleepy hair and followed them. It looked as though they were going birthday shopping for Ka-Ka. Who is Ka-Ka? Only the cutest girl I know – my niece! ^_^

Umm… we overdid it a bit. We decided that she needed a second jacket. And a new outfit. And cute socks to match. Hair clips. A little teddy bear. A new pink furry pillow to hug. She would want to drink from a cup soon. She might want her own bowl. Can’t forget the birthday card. Hehehe, she’s so cute, it was hard to resist! ^_^

I managed to grab a new S-Video cable for my ExpressVu receiver. My mom grabbed the Y-adapter that Ah Jow suggested yesterday.

I got mail! My Vanessa-Mae boxset CD came in! So did my Love Hina Again DVD – FINALLY! Same with my Sega Saturn! w00t! What sucks the most is that Customs is holding my violin, and I had to fax them a copy of my eBay winning bid. That’s one of the times that Canada really sucks. GST = Gimme-More-Money-to-Afford-a-BMW Sales Tax. Oh, and on Monday, my wack of anime DVDs came in as well – the entire Cardcaptor Sakura TV series and both movies, as well as I My Me! Strawberry Eggs! Yay!

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