Short Work Day

Well, today was Monday, which means that it’s an all-consuming, all-tiring day at work, right? Nope. Only three deliveries and not that many orders. I mean, I spent the majority of my evening watching Lain, which I brought to the restaurant, and Charmed, which my youngest brother was watching. What a surprise. It being the long weekend and all, I was pleasantly surprised to see less business today. Hurray! So, I actually made food for myself. It’s been such a long time since I actually had any free time to cook at the restaurant (for myself, that is). I wanted some Japanese food, so I decided to have some udon ramen and aka miso. I didn’t have much, so I decided to have the best of both worlds and added the udon to the soup. Yummy. It’s probably the most filling meal I’ve had in a long time. So much so that I think I shouldn’t have added the extra veggies and meat since the instant miso already had veggies in there. Anyway, my day was boring. The majority of it was spent watching American Pie 2 and going through LJ, responding to comments. I should have been watching anime, since I have too much of it littering my hard drive space. Blah, I need to backup all my data, but I’m an organized person, and I don’t feel like organizing 20 GB of data. Blah, I’m being lazy again!

I want more money so that I can buy parts and case mods! Operation: Lain no Ruumu will see fruition!

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  1. madolescent says

    LOL, that reminds me of the time when I went to CompUSA to ask for any recommendations of how they could fix my system performance, I basically just wanted a power-clean on the comp, but the guy first suggests “back up everything on your comp and reformat it”. I immediately thought “WTF how do I back up that many gigs!!” I’d definitely be sacrificing stuff, as well as all the upgrades I’ve given to my comp over time. But it was just funny that such a suggestion be made to be.
    Yah I didn’t have to work today either, I was too tired to post to LJ about other things I did today, but ah well I guess tomorrow! Hope the rest of your work-week isn’t too painful! :]

  2. Death is upon meeee~ X_____x hatch your diabolical scheme, bwahaha~!

  3. I hate to break it to you, but the suggestion of backing up and reformatting is the best course of action for any computer. What I like to do is reformat, install everything I need – the latest drivers, applications, etc., change all the settings I want, and then ghost the entire hard drive to a CD. That way, the next time I need to reformat, all I have to do is backup my data, and reghost my hard drive. All my latest driver updates and settings are all intact! It’s the easiest solution. Besides, you should never hold a candle to your hard drive and rely on it too much. It may hold insane amounts of data, but in reality, they have a fail rate as high as floppy disks, because they are still magnetic in nature. All it takes is for one good impact or a magnetic field to destroy all that hard-earned data you’ve collected. My advice: burn it all to CD. Right away. As in, once you’ve downloaded it and made sure that it works or have it in its entirety, back it up, baby! It’s the best thing to do.

    In terms of power-cleans, there are no easy ways to go about one. First of all, you need to search and locate for files that are lingering unused on your hard drive. There are utilities for that, but not a lot of them are reliable. Then, you should be doing full scandisks and defrags on your hard drive (assuming you use Windows, of course) every two weeks or so. You can shorten it to a monthly basis if you don’t download more than 10 MB a month (yeah right!). Norton Systemworks 2002. Yep. DON’T install it. Instead, run the WinDoctor right off the CD. They give you an option to do so when you pop in the CD. It’ll search and destroy any non-conforming registry entries. To avoid doing any of this – stop downloading stuff. Stop installing and uninstalling programs and games. In fact, stop using your computer. What a waste of time. Hahaha. Just kidding. A computer is like a car. You gotta put in the hours or it’ll stop running well for you. Wait… if you’re running Linux, you won’t have that many problems. Hehehe. Don’t you just HATE Microsoft?

    OMG! I just went all g33k on you for two huge paragraphs, didn’t I??? I’m sooooooooooo sorry, d00d! Aah! And the l33t sp34k is beginning! I’d better stop now.

  4. Muahahahaha! The time is nigh! Soon, the prophecy will be fulfilled, and fire shall rain from the heavens as I rise up to become the new prince of darkness!!

  5. ::gets dizzy:: @_@ wee..lalallala…am i on earth? greetings captain..

    o..h hi! ehh I’ve never heard any stories of a magnetic field destroying someone’s harddrive so I’ll just not worry about that right now. WAIT I HAVE A THEORY : : : :

    “Twas a nice spring day out. But poor JOHNNY wanted to use his computer still. So what did he do? Take his brand new Dell Inspirion laptop out for a walk! He was playing a game of Quake 3 when all of a sudden, he realized he walked right below the HUGE LANDVILLE MAGNET that pulls the junked cars up to the car-crusher. Next thing he knows, his harddrive goes dead. Johnny, in a state of depression, threw himself into a river and drowned. The End.”

    That’s my magnetic field theory :D

  6. That is ENTIRELY possible!!!

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