Site Updates (it only took me 5 months to do them).

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Ishii Meguru

The latest WoW 1.9 patch was released. If you haven’t gotten it now, you probably should.

It took me five months since the last site redesign, but I finally did some work on it. I fixed my profile link on the side (the text link was working but the icon link wasn’t). I also made a new banner image to better suit my blog content. The original banner is now part of the JGirl Edition theme, selectable from the right side above all the links. I also recently upgraded my hosting plan to accommodate more HDD space. Seeing as how I don’t make a penny off this blog of mine, I decided to put up some affiliate links to Yesasia around the site. They won’t show up right away, but I plan to integrate them smoothly so that you can click on a product I’m showcasing and buy it from the affiliated site, thus making me some commission (it’s not much, but it’ll pay for hosting fees if enough people are honest consumers like me).

I got in two resin statues I ordered back in early December. I took pictures to boot.

Ayanami Rei & Souryu Asuka LANGLEY – grimrock! Mix Edition
PVC/Resin Statue

These two figures were small, but well-packaged for resin statues identified as garage kit caliber. The detail is very good, and I love the innovation in the design. They kind of look like DISGAEA characters – cute and deadly.

Souryu Asuka LANGLEY – GOTH LOLI Ed.
PVC/Resin Statue

This resin statue is already out of print. I was just lucky to be able to get it from Yesasia so late.

Speaking of which, I’ve had this affliate account with Yesasia ever since, but I never implemented the links. If you noticed above, you can click on the titles to go directly to the product being featured. Be generous by purchasing through my affiliate code to let me earn some commission to pay for more of these goods. ^^

And I ordered more stuff – another KOS-MOS resin statue. Sweet.


Current Music: Shibasaki KOU – Nureta Hane

Of all the three albums I bought in December, Hitori Asobi is shaping out to be the best one so far. The entire album follows in the same vein as her previous album, Mitsu, which was also a sleeper hit. I highly recommend both albums, though her first album is slightly better at this point to me, since I haven’t heard this new one long enough.

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