Smash it up.

I broke my car.

The roads were extremely slippery out last night. I was cautious, but still, my brakes locked up as I was approaching the intersection, and I got hit by opposing vehicles on both sides of my car, disfiguring it into an “S” shape and sending it flying in the air, just long enough for the semi to catch it and sending it tumbling end over end along the top of its trailer before I touched down upside down at the bottom of the ravine.

No, that really didn’t happen, but it would’ve been a much more interesting story to tell. ^_^;;;

But, seriously, I always down-shift to 2nd and allow the car to slow down when I approach an intersection before I even attempt braking. During winter, this is a tried and true formula to help avoid skidding. However, even though I was pumping the brakes, they decided to lock up this one time, and I gently nudged the truck in front of me. Since I was already moving at a slow speed, his truck didn’t even have a scratch on it – literally, he wiped away the chipped paint from my car and it was still shiny and smooth. My car did not escape unscathed, unfortunately. The hood is dented and doesn’t close properly, and I have some of the pieces of my front grill at home.

Five years. That’s how long I’ve been accident-free. In fact, that’s how long I’ve been driving. Argh, there’s goes my perfect record. What sucks is the fact that I was the fender-bending culprit this time, so I can’t go around and say it was the other guy’s fault. I’m more angry at losing my perfect record than I am at the damage to my car. I openly do a bit of drifting while I’m driving, so I’m always expecting to have a few dents on my car here and there, and maybe even a bad crash from time to time, but never collisions with another car. That really pisses me off.

On the other hand, I’m driving stick now, so it should have been expected. After analyzing the situation I was in, there were two things I could have done to avoid the accident.

I could have installed winter tires. Can you believe I’m driving around with regular tires? I don’t even think they’re all-season. I suppose I could be considered lucky that I avoided so many accidents thus far. And believe me, there have been quite a few close calls.

I could have down-shifted to 1st while pumping the brakes. It would have been last minute, and I might have avoided the accident completely. But, I guess I’ll never know now, since I’m not willing to try it again. However, I might try simulating it with some base poles or something, but I’d need to recreate the icy road surface. Maybe at an ice rink?

Am I making too big a deal of this? Yes. I want to make it so that I’m accident free for ten years this time. Not that I want to have an accident after that ten years is up, but I want to kill my old record to make up for this stupid accident of mine.

Well, there is a bit of good news. I found a bunch of lemon fiction I wrote when I was in high school. Damn, I was a closet hentai back then (still am). After I fix a few spelling and grammatical errors, I might post them in my Fiction blog. Maybe.

Apparently, I’ve earned the title of Lexpert, according to Patrick and Colin. I’ve disassembled two huge Lexmark laser printers – the Optra W810 and the Optra T614 – and I never even realized that I was learning how to fix them. Strange, eh? Patrick used to work on Lexmark printers with Wil before they got the INCO contract, and he told me that they never disassembled them as far as I have. Hey, I just removed parts one by one until there was almost nothing left. No big deal. They had no idea how worried I was when I saw all the parts that needed to be put back on. But, of course, it’s just a matter of pride.

And, last but not least, I’m Winnipeg-bound this Friday afternoon with James H! I suddenly realized that with James H around, I won’t be able to call up Rittu and hang out with her, no matter how much she begs. I have it on good understanding that girls don’t like it when you bring your guy friends along, even if they tell you that they just want to “hang out”. Ah, well, it’s probably for the best. I’m not romantically interested in her, although I am attracted to her. Seeing as how I easily fall for girls, it probably would be best if I stayed away from her. Yes, I’m crazy. No, I don’t want or need a relationship right now. Japanese girls notwithstanding. ^_~

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