Sneak Peek.

The site is coming along nicely. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to get it working properly, plus I have to recode a bunch of dynamic PHP. At the moment, here’s the current working design.

At least I hope it ends up looking like that by the time I’m done.

I got an awesome review for HACK-R today on my FictionPress page. Ureshii! I sincerely hope to keep writing captivating stories with likeable characters that will entertain more readers for years to come.

IT’S SO DAMN HOT TODAY!!! We had storm clouds a-brewing this evening, but tons of flashy lightning, thunder, a dead digicam, and a few drops of rain later, and the weather became hot again. This is awful. It’s so muggy here, I’m constantly sticky and drenched in sweat. How can people actually like this weather?!

I did my first personal spending today after a long time. That’s right, I dipped into my savings and bought something. I bought Atreyu’s The Curse (Special Edition) and Bif Naked’s Superbeautifulmonster.

This little hottie is a Russian named Natalia Delano, who did the photoshoot for The Curse. Good news – she does tasteful nudes!

How nice of me – two girls in one post, although this one isn’t Nihon-jin. Still, she was hot enough to end up in a post.

Current Music: Atreyu – The Crimson

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