So Far, So Good…

Things are cool here in the city. Although Ian has had to work every other day, it’s allowed me to fully relax and have fun.

When I got here on Sunday, Ian and I went to see Spider-Man 2 at the theater. I really enjoyed it.

Two days ago, I took a nice walk around the Fort Rouge area, going through Corydon, all the way to Wellington, and up through Nassau into Osborne itself. Tanoshii da. I wish I had my camera with me!

Yesterday afternoon, Ian and I went all the way to downtown again. We ate at Quizno’s, went through Portage (even though we didn’t buy anything) and went to Staples, where we saw some of the stuff they had there. We ended up going to Polo Park where we visited one of Ian and Jazmine’s friends, Tamar, at her workplace. Interesting name. But, it’s nice to know that Ian is making friends and kind of building his roots. We went to Best Buy, which isn’t really all that much cheaper than other places, so we ended up over in Future Shop, where I bought a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop, a Wacom Graphire3, and two Delerium CDs. ALL RIGHT! Finally got my Wacom! After that, we headed back to Polo Park, picked up two Lara St. John CDs (those CDs are HARD to find), then to Safeway, where we shopped for supper. That night, I made supper for Ian’s family – chicken fried rice, chop choy, and shrimp foo yong. It went over really well, and it was a lot of fun. They had some really high-quality chicken, so it came out really soft and tender.

Today, we went out for dim sum at Grand Garden. After that, went downstairs to Oriental Market to pick up two Chinese CDs and seaweed-wrapped shrimp cracker snacks. Went to Sun Wah after that to pick up some groceries for mom and aunty. They had to walk me through it on the phone! After that, we stopped by Portage Staples to pick up Ian’s styluses for his PDA, and I went to see if HMV still had the Monster OST, but they didn’t, of course.

More to come… I’m here until Thursday night, and Daniel and I are supposed to get together today, but he’s still sleeping right now, as fate would have it.

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