Sorta Solid… Solid Snake? Hehehe.

Only slept six hours last night… I guess that means I’m back to normal. I’m really bad with sleeping lots. When I get lots of time to sleep, my body doesn’t know how to take advantage of it at all. Stupid body. I had one of those weird attacks again two nights ago… got slightly nauseated, dizzy, disoriented, loss of strength, and the major sweats. So, when I recovered from it, I immediately went to bed and did 11 hours of OT sleeping. It really helped, I guess. It was a really boring day yesterday, though. I ate some soft foods – soup with rice and a soggy deep-fried wonton (those are REALLY good, despite what it sounds like!) to test my limits of soft foods. When I woke up late this morning, I really tested my limits and had some instant noodles with a Pogo and Orange Kool-Aid. I’m not writhing on the ground in pain (except from the stomach ache I had earlier), so I guess I’ve made a full recovery! Isn’t that crazy? My first time in surgery, and I got all four wisdom teeth out – no bruising, no swelling, no pain. Just lots of bleeding, which was more of an inconvenience than anything – and one dizzyness attack. My surgeon’s assistant told me that it was because I wasn’t resting like I was supposed to, combined with the sudden flushing out of the anaesthesia. All in all, I think I made a quick recovery. I guess I’ve always kinda been that way? Nah, I refuse to think that, because I actually endured the pain of those damn teeth for so many years that getting them out was actually a relief.

So… I spent time to actually watch Tantei Gakuen Q. It’s awesome! I love mysteries! I especially like the ones that are really really hard to solve too. I was only able to get a couple of the ones in the show, but that’s because of the hints. It’s so cool when you get it, though! Well, I’m back to work at the restaurant. So much for resting. Those big jerks.

And I still want that Wacom… what do I do?

Current Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura – 60 [A-Galaxy], Tantei Gakuen Q – 1 to 4 [L-E & HnT]

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