Still, my car is freaking sweet.

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Wow, has it been almost two weeks since the last update?! Well, with all the work I’ve been doing and the lack of free time I’ve had, it’s understandable (to me). しょうがない。

I haven’t had the chance to watch much drama or anime, but I managed to finish the last three episodes of ULTIMATE GIRLS. I won’t post screenshots since I never posted them at first, but maybe I’ll do a mass series post later. I really liked this series, however inappropriate it was. ^^

With all the free time I’ve had, I decided to resurrect my poor GameCube, so I bought Viewtiful Joe 2 for cheap. I spent two nights on the game before switching over to Beyond Good & Evil, a game I bought for cheap a year or so ago, but never really played. My verdict – I love BGE! The music is moody and deep, kinda like I’VE or Key music, and the storyline is really good so far. The whole sci-fi conspiracy idea is really great! I especially enjoy how the puzzles make you think, but not enough to make you want to rip your hair out. All the puzzles are logical in approach, so they’re quite easy to figure out. I didn’t particularly like the battle system, though, but later on, the bosses you have to fight require the same puzzle approach to defeat, so it’s not all about swinging the staff. I’d have to say that the only thing I really dislike about the game is the character, Pey’j. Although the voice acting is pretty good for a cheap Ubisoft game of this caliber, especially when it came to Pey’j, the idea of having a bipedal pig in your party is just ridiculous.

So, here are the pictures of my Altima as promised in the last post.

Freaking sweet. The best money I ever spent. Although, I would’ve enjoyed watching the work being done so that I could learn a thing or two, it was a job well done.

I have lots of Hanadan queued up for my two days off. Mom and AM want to watch it all at once, so I’ve decided to hold off on watching it for now. I just wish that I had more time left. Lee put me on a few evenings during the week at TS, so it sucks. I’m definitely going to let him know that I’m done working weekdays by the 24th. He won’t be needing the help afterwards, anyway.

In Nexi news, Patrick ended his employment with the company two Fridays ago. He’s at a better place now, working on servers and projects, so he’ll be learning way more over there. Even though he’s gone, not much has changed since we barely ever work together and I can visit him anytime, just in the building next to our trailer.

And I’m playing WoW again.

Current Music: Kawada Mami – Hishoku No Sora (Shakugan No SHANA OP)

I finally got in my quick order from Neowing, and this CD came with it. OMG, this song is so good. Mami sounds a lot like KOTOKO, and since KOTOKO hasn’t put out a new single for a while, this song should hold me over until she does. If Mami keeps putting out good music like this, I’m sure KOTOKO fans will love her just as much. I do, and she’s pretty cute too. ^_~

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