Still Waiting

Waiting sucks. I’m currently encoding a subbed version of Waterboys. Haven’t watched it yet, but that was because of the lack of subtitles. So, I grabbed a subtitles file, converted it to SSA, and dumped it into the subtitles filter of VirtualDub. The encoding process is gonna take an hour. Damn. Oh well, but at least I’m getting the hang of this Div-X encoding stuff! ^_^

SSX 3 is coming out!!! MUST BUY! MUST BUY!!! I swear, I have never anticipated a game like I’ve anticipated SSX 3! I mean, FFX-2 and all… blah. Even Soul Calibur II and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 were okay waits, but damn, SSX 3… I played SSX Tricky to death, and I STILL rate it as one of my most top favorite games of all time, simply because of the fun gameplay style. Control was perfect, graphics were astounding, and the characters were lovable (for the most part). To top it all off, it was a SPORTS GAME!!! O_O

This time around, there are rail ubers, handstands… from what I’ve seen, ubers can be done almost anywhere now… the challenges are crazier, like tress falling down in front of you which you can grind right away… the soundtrack is on the ball too! I may not be celebrating my birthday, but that game is my gift to me when it comes out, this October 14th! EA Sports – BIG™!! (obligatory advertisement here O_e)

I said I would never ever ever do it. And now I’m doing it. I’m applying at INCO for a position in IT. It totally sucks, and I’d totally hate the job. Who wouldn’t? I didn’t come to this decision easily. I love RadioShack, but it doesn’t make me enough money, so I have to extend my 8 hour day to a 13 hour day by working evenings at the restaurant. I’m just burning myself out, and for what? I’m still not making nearly enough money to pay off my bills. I feel really bad for leaving RadioShack after only a year… the sad thing is, I still don’t wanna leave. Maybe I won’t get that INCO job after all, but I should at least try. To be quite honest, I wasn’t too keen on getting the RadioShack job either, but after I got it, I loved it. I still love it. I’m treated with respect, and people actually depend on me. After a year of some uncertainties, I’m starting to feel more confident in making managerial decisions, decisions that are affecting the store.

As it stands, I actually wouldn’t care if I got the jorb or not. I gotta go squeege.

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  1. ryoji_kaji007 says

    Well at least if you get the job at INCO you’ll be able to get that car you wanted.

  2. Yeah… that’s becoming a pretty distant dream to me now… at the moment, I just need to kill all my debts and save up enough money before next summer. My life is changing right before my eyes already if I’m crazy enough to get a job with INCO…

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